12 Things Every Introvert Wishes You Understood

5. …But yes, they’ll give you a hug.
You just have to ask them first. A comic designed by artist Roman Jones sums up an interaction with an introvert perfectly: Let them invite you into their “bubble.”

6. Just because they’re introverts doesn’t meant they’re shy…
Shyness and introversion are often used synonymously, but as introverts are quick to point out, they’re not the same thing. Introverts don’t always fear social settings, they just place value in more meaningful, smaller interactions — and they’re perfectly fine with remaining in that comfort zone.

“My shell is comfortable, and because I like staying there doesn’t mean I’m shy,” explained reader Jeremy Flowers on Facebook.

7. …Or stuck up, for that matter.
A quiet demeanor does not equate to a haughty attitude. When introverts don’t overly contribute to a conversation, it’s usually because they’re being more observant than participatory.

“Me being quiet has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t mean I am being rude, it doesn’t mean I am snobby… It’s nothing I can control and though I am very aware of it, I can only push myself so far until I’m past uncomfortable [and] tolerable,” said reader Brittany Pettus on Facebook, adding that she’s even been called names for being quiet.

8. They don’t want to be more outgoing.
Many people look at introversion as a character flaw, when in reality, introverts like their quieter demeanor — and have no interest in changing.

“The cure for being an introvert is not to become an extrovert. Some of us would never want to be extroverts,” said reader Lori Armstrong on Facebook.

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