Project Description

Professional Makeup Artist Conference

PMAC Expo is an industry trade-show for those who specialize in the makeup profession. Visionary and Founder Gwynnis Mosby of Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy is a 29 year veteran Celebrity Makeup Artist who created this conference to educate, entertain, and EXPOse the vast world of Professional Makeup Artists.

FCG worked with the PMAC team to provide photography, video and post production services for the main event and supporting activities leading up to the EXPO. Our team also developed highlight and promotional clips for radio and social media use. We conducted interviews with fashion designers, makeup artists, vendors and celebrities at the events.

South Africa Summit

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, was selected as the host country for the first annual South African Summit. South Africa is renowned for its vast resources and breathtaking natural beauty. As the host country for the Summit, South Africa offers an array of attractions for everyone.

FCG worked with the South African Summit to provide video production and post production services. Our team worked with the planning team to manage and book all travel requests. Our Hospitality and Event Activation Division was instrumental in coordinating travel and lodging with attendees, scheduling tours and daily events for guests, and managing and coordinating all special guests and event participants. Our team also developed a responsive Website and promotional material for radio and social media use.

ADSO Conference Highlights

Focus Atlanta Launch

UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball