Our team of content and data architects, digital media designers, application developers and project managers provide expertise to address a wide range of technology, media and broadcast project needs across diverse industries.

FCG delivers impactful and proven strategies for incubating and strengthening business operations for small venture projects, start-ups and established Fortune 500 enterprises. Our digital and new media strategies have led the transformation of companies in the home improvement, aviation, energy, global logistics, technology and entertainment industries.


We help brands harvest digital intelligence to expand and diversify their customer engagement at an accelerating pace. The digital innovation age of automated, semi-automated and manual data delivery is everywhere and embedded within emerging home devices, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Consumers can search from more places than ever before, through voice, image, text and electric networks. We work with brands to aggregate and analyze incoming data to strengthen their customer connections.


We work with Brand and Marketing managers to define employee and consumer content consumption, trends and distribution channels to maximize performance and sustainable business advantage. Our team can work with you to position your products and services for the next generation consumer. This requires an understanding of intelligent content search as a much broader customer engagement discipline.



We provide expertise to help you design and distribute digital content for measurable results. Our team has led local and national programs that utilized single and multi-channel distribution networks. We work with clients to identify their primary and ancillary markets as well as the best channels to maximize their reach. From OTT (Over-the-Top) to social networks and podcasts, we work with our clients to extend their reach.


Whether you are live streaming an event or conference, recording a training session, shooting a commercial or sizzle reel, FCG can provide professional crews and equipment to help you achieve your goals. Our Strategic Planning Division also provides online Workforce Management Tools to help companies capture, store and distribute corporate knowledge and critical data.


Our network of media & marketing professionals, consumer trend experts and industry analysts can help you navigate the pitfalls of launching your start-up, rebranding your firm, expanding into global markets or defining your cause to consumers.


FCG has developed rich media platforms for some of the most viewed global and local events. Our team can plan and implement sponsorship campaigns, online promotions as well as launch email marketing and prospecting campaigns for your conference or special event.